Life Style Weight Management

Lifestyle Weight Management

At Mission Good Life we understand your need for a better lifestyle weight management plan. But, to attain a better lifestyle, one needs to understand the requirements of a good lifestyle. A good lifestyle does not mean extensive exercise or exhaustive relaxation. In fact anything in excess is not recommended for a good lifestyle. But when you do follow a good lifestyle such as eat small but frequent meals, indulge in regular and normal exercise, sleep adequately and do not indulge in any substance abuse you reap the benefits of good health. A very important measure of good health is the fact that one’s weight is within normal limits. If for any of the below mentioned lifestyle diseases you do gain weight then without doubt you have to think of weight loss. Any of the following could become a reason for Lifestyle Weight Management.

High Blood Pressure/Hypertension

Every one out of three Indian adults suffers from hypertension. Almost 1.5 million people in South East Asia lose their lives due to heart attack which is a result of high blood pressure. The reasons for high blood pressure could be quite varied such as:

  • Obesity
  • High salt intake
  • High stress levels
  • Abnormality in the arteries periphery like increased stiffness
  • Genetic predisposition, that is when one or both parents have high blood pressure

At Mission Good Life we believe in ridding your body of harmful substances through a process called detoxification. This then adds to your immunity and leaves you stronger to fight diseases. Our personalized weight loss diet plans will help you lose weight while strengthening your body from within.


Known as diabetes capital of the world, India has a whopping number of 6.3 million people who suffer from this lifestyle disease. While some might contest that diabetes is genetic, we would say that they are partly right. There are two types of diabetes; Diabetes Type 1 and Diabetes Type 2. While Diabetes Type 1 is genetic, only a minuscule percentage of people that is as less as 5% are affected by it, Diabetes Type 2 has various causes. Some of these might be smoking, obesity and inactive lifestyle which leads to high sugar level in the blood and an inability to utilize insulin.

At MissionGoodLife we have experts who will not only monitor medication but also your lifestyle weight management diet which will help you understand your shortcomings and advise you accordingly. We can customize your diet so that you rid your body of the harmful toxins and with the help of our prescribed plan become healthier and ultimately progress towards controlling diabetes. You can also visit body forming plan. Natural products and changes in diet plan will help you achieve benefits that are life time long with zero side effects.


Another aspect of health that falls under the aegis of lifestyle weight management and needs careful monitoring is Cholesterol. It is a fatty substance made by your body and via certain food. Although the body needs some cholesterol for proper functioning, excess cholesterol builds up in blood vessel walls, causing blockages and doubles the risk of heart diseases. A natural visible effect of high cholesterol is excessive weight. Therefore losing this excess weight becomes important. Some causes of high cholesterol are:

  • Unhealthy eating habits which includes foods which are high in saturated fat and Trans-fat Consuming excessive full fat dairy products and red meat which are high in cholesterol
  • Obesity-BMI more than 30 puts you more at the risk of high cholesterol.
  • Lack of exercise, diabetes, and smoking are another for the bad cholesterol to increase

At Mission Good Life our dietitians and fitness experts help bring down the high cholesterol, and release the chocked arteries. We structure hormone balancing diet as per your body type and introduce you to a healthy lifestyle which will help you attain a healthy body for longer time.

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