School Wellness Plan

Did you know that children are most susceptible to impacts of change? This could be both good and bad. We offers best schools wellness plan. That is if the change is for good then it would augur well for the children. However, if the change is bad then it would not augur well for them.

At Mission Good Life we understand that to live a good life one has to start early. Children especially school going children need to know what are the requisites of a good and healthy body. Mission Good Life envisions the schools wellness plan as its dream project. We believe that a healthy nation can be built through strong human beings. And human beings need to be strong from within to be able to fight the diseases in the outside world. How can one fight when one does not know whom to fight? Therefore MissionGoodLife educates children right from the age of seven. We tell them of the consequences of eating junk food and fast food. Simultaneously we also educate them on the benefit of eating healthy food. Through our efforts we want to inculcate healthy eating habit in children. We want them to understand that healthy eating habits will help them live a healthy life for a longer duration.

Even at the young age of seven, when children’s bodies are developing they need to be explained about the fallout of bad eating habits. Girls who will enter into puberty soon might have several hormonal imbalance problems, induced due to being overweight which could be a consequence of poor or bad eating habits. Several other problems are also quite common in youngsters nowadays  such as diabetes, thyroid and hypertension alongside PCOS. As you must have realized, all these diseases are related to lifestyle. Therefore the one singular way to cure all these problems is to imbibe a better lifestyle.


Once children enter teenage it is near impossible to stop them from doing something that they want to do or even eating something that they want to eat. Therefore, it is best that one starts early and makes good lifestyle habits a part of the daily regime. Our schools wellness plan aims to do just this! We want to understand children’s needs and guide, inspire and motivate them towards healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Through our schools wellness plan we want to imbue these lifelong habits among children.

Though we say that this is essentially a schools wellness plan, we know that when children grow up into young adults and enter their college life, they will become very particular about all that they take in. They will become conscious eaters and will realize the value of fresh food which is free of preservatives. They will then be able to steer clear of lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and thyroid.

MissionGoodLife endeavor is to rid the children not only of bad habits but also rid their body of toxins. Our schools wellness plan will help children detoxify through healthy diets and exercise regime. Also check hormone balancing diet plan. Regular practice of certain exercises which are suited to their age and body strength will help them keep their body and mind fit. The best part is that once addicted to a good lifestyle these children even they grow into adults will never play around with their health. They will always treasure their health and even go a step further and educate others around them of the benefits of good health. What’s more is that many might be naturally drawn to secret of these healthy adults and may want to follow in their footsteps. Although a long way to go, Mission Good Life hopes to give rise to a new way of healthy living!

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