Significant high pressure in the arteries which carries blood to the rest of the body is the suffering of one in three Indian adult in this modern era. Hypertension kills 1.5 million every year in South East Asia as it leads to heart attacks and organ failures. In today’s society with faulty food habits, lack of exercise, stress etc people of all age groups even teenagers are in trap of this lifestyle disease.

Major causes are:-

Abnormality in the arteries periphery like increased stiffness. Obesity, high salt intake, high stress levels etc are the main reason leading to this abnormality.

Genetic predisposition: – When one or both parents have high blood pressure the chances are twice more high than the rest.

Good Life will help you restore the nutrients back in your diet with Detoxification. Weight loss is an integral part to fight this disease which we at Good life aim with natural products. We assure to strengthen your immune system with lifestyle changes and adding vita minerals/vitamins to your diet. Our dedicated team of dieticians personalizes a diet plan for immediate and best recovery. Good life does not advice crash diets or any pills instead only with an efficient diet plan with required proteins, fiber, vitamins making you slimmer and healthy!



India also known as the diabetes capital of the world has 61.3 million people suffering from this dreadful lifestyle disease. Diabetes Type-2 is caused due to high blood sugar levels in the body resulting from an inability to utilize insulin. Diabetes can be prevented by controlling its various risk factors such as smoking, obesity and inactive lifestyle which is difficult in today’s society. There is no cure for diabetes. People with diabetes need to manage their disease to stay healthy or it can be life threatening.

Major causes are:-

Diabetes type 2 is majorly caused due to lifestyle factors such as sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, obesity and unhealthy eating habits.

Diabetes type 1 affects only an average 5%, which is mostly genetically transferred but has to be managed more effectively.

Good Life team of expertise doctors and dieticians bring the fitness to prevent and manage this lifestyle disease. Customized good life plan, with detoxification and weight loss makes it easy to combat Diabetes. Only natural products and changes in diet plan are accurately are prescribed/suggested. Good life plan works extremely systematically and the optimum results are visible in a short time. Also as good life leads to a healthy
lifestyle its benefits are life time with zero side effects.


Cholesterol is a fatty substance made by your body and via certain food. The body needs some cholesterol to function properly, but having excess cholesterol leads to chances of stroke.  The extra cholesterol that isn’t used by your body builds up in blood vessel walls, causing blockages, having high cholesterol also doubles the risk of heart diseases.

Major causes are:-

Poor Diet/Unhealthy eating habits: – Eating foods which are high in saturated fats and Trans fats. Consuming more of full fat dairy products and red meat which are high in cholesterol.

Obesity:-BMI more than 30 puts you more at the risk of high cholesterol.

Lack of exercise, diabetes, and smoking are another for the bad cholesterol to increase.

Good life through their wellness program by acclaimed dieticians and fitness experts brings down the high cholesterol, releasing the chocked arteries. In today’s generation where physical activity is very less and people are glued to screens high cholesterol becomes a silent killer. Detoxification helps to revive and diet plan that is effective is sure to bring out a glowing healthy you.

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